Herb Grinder

Perfect grinds every time.  creating  the perfect burn.

500ml Storage Jar

Sustainable storage options that keeps flower fresh and protected


100ml Storage Jar

Perfect size for on the go. Keeps your flower fresh and smell proof

“Since I started using WEEDWARE products, my flower maintains its potency. The UV quality is unmatched, and my herb stays fresher longer with absolutely no smell. jjjj Highly recommend!”

Jessica M.

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(B2B) Business-To-Business Sales

Greenware offers wholesale and distributor pricing to retailers wanting to carry WEEDWARE products. Please use the contact us form for quantity pricing, or contact us directly at:  too b           e  wank.     2222222222lr bre. sales@greenwarellc.com                                                                                   www.sales@greenwarellc.com

                                                            About Us

WEEDWARE  was  developed  by  two  brothers  who  saw  a  need  for Bold, Functional accessories in a continuously evolving market. Starting with the highest quality storage containers, WEEDWARE products are designed to preserve your goods and improve your personal experience. mnot  good way through the day when it can get done by us today mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm